Combo of 3 succulents in white classy ceramic pot

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This classy combo includes three Succulents plants (Echeveria Berkeley,Pulidonis and Simulans Ascension).

Echeveria Berkeley Succulent -Echeveria Berkeley  is recognized by its plump, spoon-like leaves gorgeous rosette shaped with striking  plump leaves like spoon.

Echeveria Pulidonis Succulent- This succulent Echeveria Pulidonis type is a unique one that blooms in the spring. once it blooms, you will enjoy yellow flowers.

Echeveria Simulans Ascension Succulent -The lovely leaves of echeveria are greyish green, sometimes with a hint of pink. Echeveria Simulans Ascension succulent is suitable for even the smallest of spaces, and they're not at all difficult in terms of care.

  • Best to gift  combo
  • Easy to grow less maintenance succulent
  • Add some more beauty to your home and to your loved ones with this adorable live succulents plant combo.



    Succulent can be watered once every week to ten days. However, this still depends on the size of your plant and pot, so it's advisable to always check the soil first before watering to make sure. You can always use your finger to feel the level of dryness of the plant's soil.

    Suitable Area

    Indoor and Outdoor

    How to Take Care

    Succulent require a large amount of sunlight to properly develop. Place your succulent in an area that receives approximately six hours of direct light per day. The shape of your echeveria is a good indicator as to whether or not it is receiving appropriate sunlight, as it will elongate or stretch toward the closest light source if sunlight is inadequate. Consider moving your echeveria simulans ascension succulent plant outdoor during the warmer summer months.

    Good to Know Information

    Succulent Plants are highly sensitive succulents which can cause root rot and attract mealybugs. When watering, thoroughly soak the soil, then allow it to dry completely before watering again.

    Fun Factor

    A terracotta or ceramic pot with drainage holes will help to absorb excess moisture and keep the roots safe from over-watering.

    Caring Tips

    Succulent are non-hardy plant and can’t survive in cold temperatures. They prefer temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t like it when it drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Pot Size


    Plant Size

    "2 -4" inches

    Pot Name

    White Classy Ceramic Pot

    Plant Name

    Echeveria Berkeley, Simulans ascension and Berkeley succulents.
    Combo of 3 succulents in white classy ceramic pot
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