Echeveria Simulans Ascension Succulent with classy white ceramic pot

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Echeveria are popular ornamental hobby Succulent plants. The species of Echeveria is variable, which can be either evergreen or decidious.

Echeveria are also popular pot plants and appear in most succulent collections. They can be easily propagated by separating offsets (pups), from leaf cuttings and by growing from seed.

Echeveria Simulans Succulents are  small to medium sized plant rosette, leaves ovate to obovate, mucronate at the front, thin margin with transparent white edge, fine wrinkled contorted margin, pink blue color. Echeveria simulans  is in the state, the leaf margin is clearly distorted, and the periphery of the leaf is slightly pink.

Echeveria simulans blooms in late spring and early summer, This Succulent are  small bell-shaped flowers, yellow petals at the front.

The Echeveria  Simulans are easy to maintain succulents.

The lovely leaves of echeveria are greyish green, sometimes with a hint of pink. Echeveria Simulans Ascension succulent is suitable for even the smallest of spaces, and they're not at all difficult in terms of care.

Echeveria Simulan Succulent does not have any official meaning. This Succulent  plant represents persistence and strength, making it a nice gesture for someone who is going through a difficult time.

This succulent give positivity and calmness wherever one can place.



Echeveria Simulans Ascension succulent can be watered once every week to ten days. However, this still depends on the size of your plant and pot, so it's advisable to always check the soil first before watering to make sure. You can always use your finger to feel the level of dryness of the plant's soil.

Suitable Area

f you want to grow this succulent Indoor, place it where it can receive a lot of sunlight. Ideally, the best Place to display them is near a south or west-facing window, as these two spots offer more light than north or east-facing windows. But if this isn’t an option, just place them near a window that gets the most light. You can also prefer placing them under a desk or table lamp that is on throughout the day. This should prevent the plant from opening up its rosette and stretching out of form due to lack of light. Echeveria Simulan Ascension can be grown outdoors as well, especially during the summer. Just make sure to avoid changes in light exposure and extreme light of afternoon sun, as these can be too harsh for them, resulting in their leaves getting sunburned. Echeveria Simulan Ascension Succulent should get a minimum of 6 hours of bright light during Winter and at least 8 to 12 hours a day during Spring and Summer. This should help them keep their rosette compact, and at the same time, show their true leaf color.

How to Take Care

This Echeveria Simulans Ascension Succulent require a large amount of sunlight to properly develop. Place your succulent in an area that receives approximately six hours of direct light per day. The shape of your echeveria is a good indicator as to whether or not it is receiving appropriate sunlight, as it will elongate or stretch toward the closest light source if sunlight is inadequate. Consider moving your echeveria simulans ascension succulent plant outdoor during the warmer summer months.

Good to Know Information

Echeveria simulans Ascension are highly sensitive succulents which can cause root rot and attract mealybugs. When watering, thoroughly soak the soil, then allow it to dry completely before watering again.

Fun Factor

A terracotta or ceramic pot with drainage holes will help to absorb excess moisture and keep the roots safe from over-watering.

Caring Tips

Echeveria Simulans Ascension Succulent are non-hardy plant and can’t survive in cold temperatures. They prefer temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t like it when it drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pot Size

3" - 4"

Plant Size

''2 to 4 ''inches

Pot Name

White classy handi Shape Ceramic Pot

Plant Name

Echeveria Simulan Ascension Succulent
Echeveria Simulans Ascension Succulent with classy white ceramic pot
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