Ficus Bonsai with Classic Green big Ceramic pot

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This plant is known for air purification. 

Bonsai tree means tree in pot. Bon stands for plant and 'sai' can be translated as bowl or pot. Bonsai is grown in Asia and evokes the image of an old tree.

Ficus Bonsai Trees are mainly tropical plants growing throughout south-eastern Asia. There are many variations of ficus.

Ficus produce glossy, waxy leaves which are long lasting. They can feature aerial roots from the trunk and branches.

Along with care Ficus Bonsai can be kept indoors and is therefore a popular choice for bonsai in India. 

It is often though that Bonsai is a species of tree.  In fact bonsai is a method of growing trees which aims to create an image of a large mature tree but in miniature.A bonsai  tries with live plant material to create a reduced image of an old tree or landscape in nature. Compare it to a painter or a sculptor, the one trying to paint an impression of catching a landscape, the other does this for example with a piece of wood, the whole is a living work of art.
Ficus Bonsai Is the best tree plant to grow Indoor and feel the green nature.


The Ficus should be watered normally, which means it should be given water whenever the soil gets slightly dry. The Bonsai Ficus prefers room temperature soft water and it can tolerate occasional over, or underwatering. We advise daily misting to maintain humidity, but too much misting can create fungal problems. The warmer the placement of the fig during winter the more water it needs. If it’s kept in a cooler place it only needs to be kept slightly moist.

Suitable Area

Indoor. Ficus Bonsai should be kept in bright indirect sunlight,so any window where son shines for couple of hours will be idle. It will also survive on centre table or any corner where bright indirect light will reach.

Good to Know Information

Pruning Pruning to maintain the overall tree shape could be done all year round. A special twig scissors is handy, but an ordinary house and garden scissors could also be used. Only when pruning thick branches is recommended the use of concave pliers.

Caring Tips

Temperature Try to keep a temperature between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Plant Size

10-15 inches

Pot Name

Green Color Big Ceramic Pot

Plant Name

Ficus Bonsai
Ficus Bonsai with Classic Green big Ceramic pot
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