Rohea Spathacea(Dorangi)

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Its is an excellent plant which grows very fast. It is also known as boat lily and can be grown indoors around the windows..This Plant is another unique addition to our interior plantscape.Dorangi can be found in various color forms but the most popular form of this plant is dwarf pruple and green.


Every 2-3 days depending upon soil dryness.Just let the first inch or so dry out before watering again, which will likely come down to watering around twice a week. But make sure not to over wtaer the plant as it may lead to the rotting of the plant.

Suitable Area

Rohoe Plant needs to be kept outdoor. When Rohoe plant is grown indoors, provide bright filtered light and keep the plant out of drafts. Placing the flowerpot on top of a tray filled with pebbles and water, or by using a cool steam vaporizer turns into a steady growth.

How to Take Care

This plant should never be kept inside the house for too long. Durnagi needs sunlihgt so make sure to place it direct sunlight for 4-6 hrs a day. Fertilize the plant once a year and pluck all the dried out leaves.

Plant Size


Pot Name

Traditional terracotta planter
Rohea Spathacea(Dorangi)
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