Song Of India(Yellow)

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A native to the islands of the Indian ocean, this broadleaf evergreen will often grow 18 to 20 feet in the wild but can be an adaptable plant when grown indoors. What draws eyes to the Song of India, besides, its relatively easy care, is the eye-pleasing foliage. It has striking alternating dark green and chartreuse stripes on narrow-lanceolate leaves with veins that run parallel on the leaves.


Try and keep the soil slightly moist at all times and in the winter allow the soil to dry. You should be able to leave a dracaena reflexa for up to a month during winter without water and no harm would be caused. Over-watering can kill these.

Suitable Area

Best place for this plant is indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight on a hot day can burn the leaves. Indirect sunlight is best for this and dark leaves. 4-5 hrs of indirect sunlight can bring the vibrant colours in these plants

How to Take Care

Make sure the pot drains well and keep the soil moist but not wet. Apply fertilizer once or twice a year. The pretty leaves of this plant will turn yellow as they age. As the bottom leaves on the plant turns yellow, simply trim them off to keep the plant looking neat and tidy

Plant Size


Pot Name

Traditional terracotta planter

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Song Of India(Yellow)
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